The Unicorn Club – “We’re All Dating Couples!”

Yesterday, I had lunch with a few friends, and we started cracking up when we realized that the three of us were all unicorns!

We’re all dating couples. Each of us is the girlfriend to a married couple.

As magical unicorns, we share these traits:

  • Very strong interest in open relationships. We’re also friends with people in the community/lifestyle who have open relationship structures!

We love picking each other’s brains, asking questions, and learning as much as we can through our own and each other’s experiences, books, events, etc.

  • Powerful desire to learn healthy, happy and sustainable ways of being in relationships. We see benefit and value in open relationships, and we have friends as role models who have been in loving open relationships for years, even decades!

Seeing how happy they are, how they thrive and have so much fun with the freedom to explore, and how they grow as people from learning to love in an open way is really inspiring.

 All the freedom they enjoy is complemented by a very strong foundation of trust, connection, passion and love between partners.

  • Passion for exploring, discovering and playing. This quote really resonates with us: “The idea is to die young as late as possible.” We want to lead exciting lives – and  we make choices that are in line with that goal!

We want to experience as much of life as we can. We’re open to amazing life experiences that we never even imagined or dreamed for ourselves, but that surpass our wildest fantasies.

  • Fun-loving, adventurous, experimental. One of the most rewarding discoveries for each of us has been that love truly is infinite and unlimited.

When we love more than one romantic partner at a time (or know we have the freedom to do so, whether or not we exercise that option at any particular time in our lives), it simply adds so much to our lives.

We believe in being bold and daring – and our experiences have shown us that we enjoy huge leaps & bounds in personal growth/development/fulfillment through living this way.

  • Incredible curiosity for unusual, novel and thrilling experiences. We’re energized by constantly trying new things.

Life is short. We remember to have fun! We enjoy all kinds of life experiences that intrigue and excite us, and live in ways that support love and freedom for ourselves and others.

Unicorns frolic and play as they please
Being a unicorn is incredibly fun.  Every single open relationship is different, so I can only speak from my own experience and what friends of mine have shared with me.

One of the things that we talked about at our “Unicorn Club” lunch was how we love having so much space.

The married couples we’re seeing obviously have more to run by each other as far as “checking in” with each other, and more complex agreements since their lives are more meshed together, whereas unicorns typically have more free range to do whatever we want since we’re not one of the primary partners.

Unicorns get treated really well
Another big plus to being a unicorn is that we get treated really well. We get showered with special attention, since our being there feels like a special occasion.

Often, we’re fulfilling very long-held fantasies (the threesome!) that people have dreamed of having for years, even decades.

It can take time to find a “third”, “unicorn”, or girlfriend that wants to play with both you and your significant other. Even if a woman is bisexual, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s interested in having threesomes.

She might prefer hooking up with or dating someone who’s not in a relationship with anyone else. Or she might like threesomes… but might not be attracted to both partners in a couple (and therefore prefer playing with or dating just one partner).

Unicorns are REAL. They do exist!
One of my friends jokingly calls me the “Fantasy Fulfillment Fairy” because of my openness to new experiences and excitement about bringing all kinds of fantasies to life for other people (and myself, since I enjoy the experiences immensely)!

I just remember how tough it was for me to find a unicorn when I wanted to experience threesomes with boyfriends I’ve had.

I know the feeling of wanting to explore all kinds of other fun experiences too, but not being sure how to go about finding and having them – and, more importantly, having these exciting new experiences in safe, supportive ways for everyone involved.

I didn’t know who to ask, and didn’t really know too many people who were openly talking about things like sexuality and non-monogamous relationships.

Help a unicorn out!
What really helped me become more comfortable with enjoying myself and freely exploring is the openness of anyone with alternative lifestyles who has shared their experiences and insights.

I’m inspired by people who are transparent, open, expressive and genuine.

I’m inspired by people who write or talk about deeply personal experiences (and through doing so, help others who might be curious, interested or going through similar situations).

Now I’m so open with my own experiences. I don’t know who might be interested in what I have to say or who is looking for the information that I can share, but I put it out there publicly to reach as many people as possible – and reach the people who are looking for this information!

My intention is to provide resources and helpful information about alternative lifestyles.

What has been most helpful to me is learning about other people’s personal experiences and stories rather than generalized information. Because of that, I’ve chosen to be so open myself and share my unique personal experiences.


    • I’ve been friends with the woman in the couple for almost a year. After I wrote about my interest in open relationships on Facebook, one of my friends told me about an all-girl play party (because we talked about how I wanted to explore and experience new things).

      All three of us (just as friends) attended the party together to see what it was like. After that, the first woman and I kept hanging out, I met her husband, and we all started playing together and seeing each other regularly!

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